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Covid-19 Update:

Due to Government regulations, we have had to temporarily close our club.
Keep an eye out on our Instagram for the latest updates.

For tips on how to keep healthy and fit during this time,
check out our online training or YouTube channel!

New YouTube Channel!

Professional training videos to help you get the most out of The Fitness Portal

What our members say

  • The best equipment available at any gym in Wellington.

    The Fitness Portal has all brand new equipment making my gym sessions really enjoyable

  • I always feel comfortable going to The Fitness Portal

    I love the small ‘intimate’ feeling of the gym and the staff are really supportive.

  • Excellent Value for Money

    The gateway membership is the perfect membership for me, giving me everything i do want, and nothing i don’t!

  • Amazing Personal Trainers

    I look forward to my gym sessions with my personal trainer Devin; he works me hard but i don’t feel like I’m even working out.


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