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Focused on you.

We have the following procedures in place
to help keep you safe:

  • You’ll need to bring a towel to workout at our clubs
  • You’ll need to sanitize on entry and exit of our clubs
  • You’ll need to check into our clubs
  • All equipment is regularly sanitized
  • Social distancing is recommended
  • Maximum of 6 people per class

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What our members say

  • The best equipment available at any gym in Wellington.

    The Fitness Portal has all brand new equipment so nothing is broken or worn making my gym sessions really enjoyable

  • I always feel comfortable going to The Fitness Portal

    The staff here are really supportive of my fitness goals and are always happy to see me

  • Excellent Value for Money

    The gateway membership is the perfect membership for me, giving me everything i do want, and nothing i don’t!

  • Amazing Personal Trainers

    I look forward to my gym sessions with my personal trainer Devin; he works me hard but i don’t feel like I’m even working out.


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