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Terms & Conditions



We agree to make the fitness and health facilities at The Fitness Portal in the membership form available to you. These facilities are available to you throughout the term of this agreement for so long as we shall operate them, except where The Club is unable to make the facilities available as a consequence of any circumstance (including a significant disruption) beyond the reasonable control of The Club.

All Memberships:

All memberships are entitled to 24/7 access to The Club subject to:

  • The Club having these privileges available to use at the time (this can be changed at any time, with giving you 14 days’ notice)
  • Not abusing the limitations set out in this contract (including bringing guests after hours)
  • The Club receiving the relevant consent to open 24/7 and run group fitness classes given by outside authorities.

Gateway and Transporter Memberships:

Gateway and Transporter memberships are entitled to all group fitness classes that The Club provides, If you have a “Gateway” membership, you are entitled to bring in one guest for a maximum of 5 entries. There is no limit to the amount of guest’s over the duration of the membership term. (One guest gets a maximum of 5 entries).  If you have a “Transporter” membership, you are entitled to unlimited guest access (one guest per entry into the gym) accompany you to use the facilities and the Group Fitness classes free of charge, subject to:

  • Any use of the Club by your guest is strictly limited to use during those hours in which The Club is staffed
  • You take responsibility (and liability) for ensuring that your guest complies with the conditions of this agreement relating to use of The Club (including all rules) and you acknowledge that, if any of your guest fails to comply, we may refuse access to (or expel from) The Club the non-compliant guest
  • You’re not trying to commercially gain from any use by your guest

Transporter Membership:

Transporter memberships are entitled to:

  • Two fifteen minute head and shoulder massages per month in the allocated time slots. These cannot be accumulated and must be used at separate times
  • Share your membership, with ONE nominated person who can receive all the benefits of the membership. The nominated person cannot be changed
  • A generic nutrition program that is updated at the discretion of The Club or its agents
  • A personalized personal training program through The Fitness Portal training app, that is only for the use of you and no other member. This will be updated at the discretion of The Club or its agents

Under 18 Access:

If you are under 18 years of age, parents’ permission and the signing of a waiver is needed before 24/7 access is granted.

Rules and Conduct:

You agree to abide by all rules posted in and around The Club or otherwise notified to you which relate to use of equipment, health and safety (including hygiene), parking and the day to day operation of the Club and surrounding areas (Rules).

In using the Club, you promise:

  • To make sure you know how to exercise safely, and if you are not sure, that you ask for our assistance
  • To exercise in a way that is safe to you and others using The Club
  • To act in a considerate and respectful manner towards The Club’s staff and other members of The Club

If we find you conducting yourself in a way that jeopardizes the health and safety of you or others in The Club, or you breach any of the Rules (or other requirements in this clause 4) and that breach has a detrimental effect on The Club or any of its staff or other members (for example, you act in an offensive or disrespectful manner towards a staff member or persistently interfere with other members enjoyment of the facilities), we may (acting in good faith) expel you from The Club and/or terminate your membership in accordance with clause 18.

Liability and Indemnity:

You shall be responsible for loss or damage which is caused by your use of The Club. You understand the possibility of injury or other dangers connected with any form of physical activity including the activity usually included in your membership, and your use of any of The Club’s equipment or machinery or facilities is entirely at your own risk unless The Club is negligent or at fault.