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Group Fitness

Group Fitness classes are small group training sessions run indoors or outdoors depending on the weather

Available at all traffic light settings

Group Fitness Classes Available at all traffic light settings

Our group classes have a maximum of 6 per class,
run for 30-60 minutes and must be booked in advance

High Intesity Interval Training (HIIT)

Our HIIT class offers a wide range of movements. The seconds on – seconds off format is designed to suit every capability, to get your heart rate up and get your sweat on!

Core Xtreme

This class focuses on the core. And more than just abs! That means lower back, hip flexors and of course your glutes! It is fun,it gets the heart rate up but most importantly it strengthens your core. Creating a strong core, we feel better, move better, and prevent injuries.

Box Fit

A boxing class structured to get your heart rate up and work on your boxing technique. This is a great class if you are a beginner boxer, pro boxer or if you just want to try something new.

Balance & Stretch

This is a class that focuses on muscle mind connection. Testing your balance and challenging your mind in a new way. This class not only improves your strength, it also improves your mobility and flexibility. Many gym attendees don’t utilise stretching in the gym so we have created a class that supports rehabilitation, feeling better and getting the body moving.

Our Trainers

All of our group classes are run by a certified professional personal trainer who will be able to help you workout safely and effectively during the class. Their careful eye will be able to help you identify issues with your posture, position, or range of movement.

Our trainers are always willing to help you reach your fitness goals, so if you have any questions during the class, just ask. See you in there!