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Group Fitness

Group Fitness is run indoors during the day and outdoors during evenings to adhere to Covid-19 Government regulations

Group Fitness Classes Available through Level 2

Our group classes have a maximum of 6 people per class, run for 30-45 minutes and must be booked in advance. For more information email our team:


This is a conventional lifting class focusing on compound movements, such as – squats, bench press, deadlifts etc. – Teaching the you correct form and technique and ending with a kicker workout to make those endorphins fly. 

Core Xtreme

This class focuses on the core. And more than just abs! That means lower back, hip flexors and of course your glutes! It is fun,it gets the heart rate up but most importantly it strengthens your core. Creating a strong core, we feel better, move better, and prevent injuries.


Similar to HIIT, this class is designed to get your heart rate up to improve your fitness, burn fat as well as build strength, while still exercising to your ability and your needs. It is a fun, energetic class for all fitness levels.

Stretch and Mobility

Stretch class will help you release tension in your muscles and recover faster. Many people don’t utilise the stretching area in the gym because they don’t know how. So we’ve created a class solely based on stretching and foam rolling to help you perform and feel better.

Box Fit

A boxing class structured to get your heart rate up and work on your boxing technique. This is a great class if you are a beginner boxer, pro boxer or if you just want to try something new.

Lower Body Sculpt

Many people cannot correctly connect their mind with their body. Especially your legs! Lower Body Sculpt focuses on correctly using, strengthening, and toning all parts of your leg muscles including your quads, hamstrings, calf’s and glutes.


This is a class focusing on mind to muscle connection – testing your balance as well as challenging the body in a unique way. This class is perfect for anyone who wants to get their body moving. Whether you are recovering from Rehab, to getting to a point where you feel your balance is starting to waiver to just wanting to understand your body to a higher level.

Our Trainers

All of our group classes are run by a certified professional personal trainer who will be able to help you workout safely and effectively during the class. Their careful eye will be able to help you identify issues with your posture, position, or range of movement.

Our trainers are always willing to help you reach your fitness goals, so if you have any questions during the class, just ask. See you in there!