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About Us

We are a specialised training facility, helping those who are looking to improve!

What We Offer

Functional & Traditional Workouts

+ Functional workouts
+ Traditional workouts
+ TRX suspension training
+ Free weights
+ Cardio workout options
+ Battle ropes
+ Power lifting pad

Personal Training

+ One on one personal training
+ Certified quality trainers
+ Personalised workout plans
+ Online training

Group Fitness

+ Small groups up to 6 people
+ Functional Fitness
+ Core Xtreme
+ Box Fit
+ Balance & Stretch

Massage Therapy

+ Qualified massage therapists
+ Private consultations
+ Deep tissue massage
+ Sports massage
+ Relaxation massage
+ Dry needling
+ Cupping

Fit-3D Body Scanning

+ Contactless & safe body scanning
+ Understand body fat %
+ View muscle mass
+ Posture assessment

Lifting & Posing Studio

+ Separate private room for specialty training
+ Full length mirrors for posing
+ Olympic lifting
+ Power lifting


Devin Glover

Personal Trainer
REPS Registered
CEC Certified

Devin is the co-founder of The Fitness Portal. He has been a personal trainer since 2016 and has helped a range of people achieve their goals. Whether it be rehabilitation, to sports specific, to general health and fitness, Devin can help you! He is passionate about people and loves a good laugh while training. If you’re not having fun, why are you doing it? Devin started his lifting career when he was 16, and 11 years on has found a love for Olympic Weightlifting and is now competing on a National stage. Devin was also a finalist in the NZ Exercise Awards for up and coming personal trainer of the year in 2017 and a finalist in the NZ Exercise people’s choice award in 2018.


Tim Fox

Personal Trainer
REPS Registered
CEC Certified

Tim is the co-founder of The Fitness Portal gym, is a registered personal trainer, has been a coach at CityFitness Lower Hutt, and is the owner of Fox Fitness Ltd. He has been training for almost 10 years, and since becoming a personal trainer in 2018, he has become known for his specialty in strength training programs and techniques. Many of Tim’s clients have seen faster than normal results which have been noticed throughout the region. He is passionate about fitness and helping people achieve their fitness goals – no matter how big or small.

The Fitness Portal Team

Our experienced and friendly team is ready to help you achieve your fitness goals

Tawa Club Manager


Tawa Club Manager
Petone Club Manager


Petone Club Manager
Personal Trainer


Personal Trainer
Floor Consultant


Floor Consultant

Massage Therapy Pawel

Pawel is our in house qualified and experience Massage Therapist. He has worked with various elite athletes, runners and climbers as well as our members of the club. Pawel provides various massage options including:

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Relaxation Massage
  • Dry Needling

„You can book a massage with Pawel through reception or on our contact page.


Where it all began

When Devin & Tim decided to co-found a gym, they both had the same vision. They wanted to create a gym that welcomed people and had both an intimate and personal approach. They set out to help more than who was in front of them and create The Fitness Portal to change the lives of the local community.


To transport our members into the best health and fitness environment to help reach their goals.


Giving the opportunity to everyday people to achieve their personal goals by giving them all the tools and services they require in one easy to access location.

“Being a part of The Fitness Portal is about challenging gym norms and allowing everyone to reach their fitness goals through personalised training programs.”

Ready to take the next step?